USAID/Georgia Announces New Partnership with Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports

USAID/Georgia announced ‘Achieving Student-Centered Education for a New Tomorrow,’ a four-year program aimed at promoting student-centered instruction in primary education. USAID will provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports of Georgia (MoECS) to support education reforms prioritized by the Government of Georgia to ensure sustainable, inclusive, and student-centered education in all of Georgia’s primary schools. The program emphasizes local partnerships and institutional capacity building.

The new program will strengthen Georgia’s teacher training institutions, thereby supporting primary schools to design and deliver interactive curricula. Student-centered teaching methods emphasize students’ literacy, numeracy, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. By supporting schools to better meet the needs of girls, ethnic minorities, and children with disabilities, the program will foster a more inclusive society where young people from all backgrounds have opportunities to contribute to Georgia’s social and economic development.

Achieving Student-Centered Education for a New Tomorrow will advance the following specific objectives: 1) implement student-centered curricula in Georgia’s primary education institutions; 2) build the capacity of teacher training programs at universities to ensure that teachers and administrators acquire state-of-the-art professional skills; and 3) promote the development of education policies using evidence-based approaches. USAID will coordinate its efforts with the World Bank and other donors supporting the Government of Georgia’s education reform.

About USAID in Georgia

As the leading development agency of the US government, USAID supports Georgia to build the capacity to finance, plan, and implement its own solutions to development challenges. USAID has worked in Georgia since 1992, supporting the country’s transformation into a developing democracy that is increasingly integrated into Western political, security, and economic institutions. More than 30 USAID programs stimulate inclusive economic growth, develop democratic governance, enhance energy security, and foster social inclusion.

27 January 2020 18:57