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Satori center supports mental health through personalized coaching, aiming to create a comfortable, loving space so everyone who comes in feels safe and at peace. Satori was founded by Daduna Samadashvili and Gvantsa Gadelia who, despite the differences in their career paths, united in interests at Satori. The center is active in the business of helping people to develop their skills and attitudes, and to have a well-functioning, better life.


Marte is a Georgian

Marte is a Georgian universal journal which makes life easier for those who love journaling. While working on the product, the producers studied the market, figured out their strategy, worked on the brand’s image, design and content, and after a month, presented Marte to consumers – a journal to become an integral part of everyday life for people who seek success and value time, quality, and productivity.


Based in Kakheti

Based in Kakheti, Mariam Gorashvili produces three types of wine from Rkatsiteli, Saperavi (medium sweet), and Saperavi (dry) grapes grown in the village of Velistsikhe.

“Each product is ecologically clean. Our Rkatsiteli vineyard is around 40 years old, and has never had poisonous pesticides sprayed on it, only Kakhetian traditional alum and lime. What makes it stand out is the specific processes of its cultivation and processing into wine,” she says.

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27 January 2020 18:44