Eastern European Nations Object Russia's Vote in PACE

The Baltic nations petitioned once again at Monday's meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, that the Russian deputation's right to vote be suspended.

Irakli Kobakhidze, MP and Head of the Georgian delegation, told correspondents that all participants of the Georgian delegation, both the majority and the opposition, will support the matter.

“Yesterday and this morning, we had active consultations with our colleagues from the Baltic states, representatives of the Ukrainian delegation. Our plan is to question the recognition of the Russian delegation. The issue will be raised at the plenary session today and we will all support it. It is important for us to begin this process and we hope that the initiative will be successful. It depends on many things, but the most important thing is that this procedure should start,” Kobakhidze said.

When reporters inquired what key memos delivered by the Georgian deputation would be, Kobakhidze replied:

“We will use this format, this tribune as much as possible, to pursue our national interests, which are primarily related to occupation, sovereignty and territorial integrity. We will send relevant messages to our colleagues and friends. We will also talk with our friends and colleagues about the processes ongoing in Georgia,” Kobakhidze said.

The authority of the Council of Europe lobbies is recognized at the opening of each winter session. The Russian delegation was previously banned from voting in the organization, but it was then approved again.

The matter of suspending Russia’s power to vote was headed by Lithuanian Emanuelis Zingeris and Latvian MP Maria Golubeva, which automatically was sided by the Georgian delegation. 

“On behalf of my colleagues, I will object the Russian federation's authority, prior to the votes. Several days ago, major drastic changes were announced for the Russian Constitution. These changes disrupt the balance between international and regional legislature. […] On top of this, Russia has not adhered to any of the resolutions obliged by the Parliament regarding Georgia and Ukraine,” stated Zingeris.

Additionally, Latvian Maria Golubeva objected the procedural actions from Russia. This objection received enough votes and will now be under investigative committee, who will issue a decision in two days.     

Until then, the Russian delegation will continue to participate in the assembly, but without the authority to vote.

By Beka Alexishvili



27 January 2020 16:33