Tbilisi’s Freedom Square in Fast and Furious 9 Trailer

The 15-second trailer for the ninth episode of Fast and Furious has been released. In the 11th second we can spot one of the most familiar locations in Tbilisi- Freedom (Liberty) Square with its statue of St. George and the Dragon. 

The film, directed by Justin Lin and starring Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, was partially filmed in Georgia in August 2019. The film was shot within the framework of the State program ‘Film in Georgia’ and the shooting was supported by the production company ‘Enkeny Films’.

Filming took place over five weeks, from August 18 to September 22, in various corners of the capital, including on Rustaveli Avenue, Freedom Square, Vajha Pshavela Avenue, Besarion Jghenti street, Avto Varazi street and University street.

The decision to select Georgia as one of the shooting locations was made during a visit of renowned Hollywood filmmakers to Tbilisi last spring.

Watch the video here 

27 January 2020 13:54