Tbilisi City Hall to Fund Children with Autism

Tbilisi City Hall is strengthening its support for autism sufferers by funding 230 children awaiting financial support, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze said at a government meeting today.

“Last year, funding was provided for 1000 children, this year it will be allocated to 1230. These children have been looking forward to joining the ABA treatment program; we’ve decided to address the issue and provide assistance to meet the kids’ special needs. Within the framework of the program, GEL 400 will be allocated to each beneficiary on a monthly basis. This is the amount needed for rehabilitation”, Kaladze stated.

The ABA program is a widely acknowledged treatment method for autism spectrum disorder and related developmental disorders that has been considered effective since the 1960s. ABA therapy programs can help kids gain different skills, like improved attention, social skills and learning a new language.

Beneficiaries of the ABA program will be divided into different age groups and each month will benefit from 20 sessions of the complex therapy free of charge.

“The sessions will include the services of a multidisciplinary team including psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, behavioral therapists, speech therapists, special educators and other specialists,” Kaladze added.

By Elene Dzebisashvili

23 January 2020 13:44