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Ringo is a Tbilisi-born American Cocker Spaniel who can consider himself lucky that Nestan chose him out of the five puppies to take home and travel the world with. When they came back to Tbilisi three years ago, Ringo decided to make the Georgian capital a little cleaner and Nestan helped him, creating the ‘Ringo’ brand: leather and vegan bags, each with 20 biodegradable dog bags inside to help dog owners clean up after their pets. Ringo is Georgian, determined to protect the environment and makes people’s lives easier – this was enough to turn a social project into a profitable business.



Ginventor’s ‘Tene’ is the first Georgia-made USB cable. The prototype is ready, and will soon be the first green USB cable in the world made from recycled material. Income from initial Tene sales will be used to rid nature of polyethylene bags. Founder Sandro Liluashvili went to China with his team to explore USB production, and decided to use Georgian, recycled material to make their own version. The length of the USB 3.2 GEN Tene is 1.2 meters and it transfers up to 10 Gigabits/second. Ginventor aims to re-invest the income from Tene back to its production while also helping to reach environmental, sustainable goals.



Mari Bregadze, 24, suffered from insomnia for a long time and, not totally satisfied with any of the sleep masks she tried, she decided to create her own. Bubusi produces comfortable sleep eye masks that are as cute as the name. Bubusi also has bags, bracelets and pillows with thematic quotes; from infant-sized sleep eye masks to ones better suited for the elderly, Bubusi is made for every taste and size. In the near future, Bubusi promises to launch women’s pajamas, nighties and robes.

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20 January 2020 16:10