US Ambassador: Parliamentary Elections Important Opportunity for Georgians

"The parliamentary elections later this year are an important opportunity for Georgians to show the world that the progress they have worked so hard for cannot be reversed," the newly-appointed Ambassador of the United States to Georgia, Kelly Degnan, said at her oath-taking ceremony.

“We have an ambitious work plan with Georgia and high expectations of our Georgian friends. Georgians have shown they have the determination, and the fortitude to implement the reforms needed to protect the democratic process they have worked so hard to establish, and that is essential to Georgia’s trans-Atlantic integration.

"There is no doubt that Georgia is an important and strategic partner for the United States. During almost 30 years of working together, we have witnessed a remarkable transformation – the result of Georgians’ courage and love for their country’s independence.

"Georgia has much to be proud of, and the United States is honored to stand with our Georgian friends.

"We’ve got great momentum, And as Ambassador, I’m committed to keeping our partnership strong, and on a path to realizing the bright future that all Georgians deserve”, the Ambassador said.

Kelly Degnan was sworn in as the new US Ambassador to Georgia at the US Department of State.

The oath-taking ceremony was attended by David Hale, the United States Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. 

The US Embassy to Georgia congratulated Degnan on her swearing-in. 

"Congratulations to Ambassador Kelly Degnan on her swearing-in! We look forward to her arrival in Georgia," reads the official Facebook page of the Embassy.

The US President Donald Trump presented Degnan for the role in September 2019. 

The Senate approved her candidacy in December. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

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17 January 2020 18:34