Kelly Degnan: Georgia's Independence Remains under Threat from Russia

Kelly Degnan, the new US Ambassador to Georgia, who was approved for the role in December 2019 by the Senate, was sworn in on January 16.

In her swearing-in remarks, the Ambassador said she feels “particularly honored to be selected to be the US Ambassador to Georgia, a country that shares America’s love of freedom and democracy.”

“Like America, Georgia has had to fight for its independence – hard-won independence that remains under threat from Russia,” she noted.

Degnan added that “now we are fighting together in NATO’s Resolute Support Mission to help Afghans secure their freedom and build their democracy.”

The new US Ambassador also noted that “like Americans, Georgians want to grow businesses, vote in fair elections, hear from a responsible media, worship freely, and raise their families in a country where rule of law governs.”

Ambassador Degnan said, “I’m also committed to continuing America’s deep collaboration with Georgia, including on democratic development, trade and prosperity, and security cooperation.” She further added that “through joint training and exercises, we are strengthening Georgia’s ability to defend its own borders — an important sign of America’s steadfast commitment to supporting Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The new US Ambassador to Georgia has 25 years' diplomatic experience and is a recipient of the Secretary of State’s Expeditionary Service Award.

Before the nomination to the post, Degnan served as the political advisor to the Commander of United States Naval Forces Europe – the United States Naval Forces Africa.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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17 January 2020 18:19