Tskhinvali Concerned about Statements Made By Abkhaz Opposition Leader

"Tskhinvali is a bit concerned about the statements made by the Abkhaz opposition leader, Alsan Bjania, on establishing a dialogue between Abkhazia and Georgia," stated Zaza Driayev, head of the Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Committee of the so-called Parliament of occupied Tskhinvali. 

Te so-called MP added that the parties must first restore confidence for establishing a dialogue. 

“Of course, we are a little concerned about these actions, but these are the internal affairs of Abkhazia. With whom and how to hold a dialogue, it will be up to the Abkhaz people to decide. We are closely watching the developments in our brotherly republic, however, we must not interfere. The only thing I can confirm is that South Ossetia is not going to hold a dialogue with Georgia until it recognizes the independence of the republic and signs a memorandum on non-use of force," Driayev said.

Earlier, the opposition leader and the ‘Presidential Candidate’ of Abkhazia, Aslan Bjania, gave an exclusive interview to InterPressNews where he emphasized that dialogue between Sokhumi and Tbilisi is of vital importance.

He noted that there should be a dialogue between Tbilisi and Sokhumi and that the format and form of the dialogue did not matter.

He also highlighted that its main goal will be to have a positive outcome, and it doesn’t matter how many sides will be included in the dialogues. 

“I think it doesn’t matter how many sides will be present in the dialogues. I have my own specific point of view regarding this issue, and I’m ready to publicize it in any auditorium – if my point of view will have any significance,” Bjania said.

By Ana Dumbadze

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17 January 2020 17:17