Senate Initiates Impeachment Trial of President Trump

The 100 legislators of the US Senate were sworn in on Thursday as jurors for the approaching impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts directed the oath to the Senators to "do impartial justice.”

In the coming weeks, the Senators will agree on whether to remove President Trump from office over indictments presented by the House of Representatives.

The Senate trial is planned to begin on January 21.

Donald Trump is blamed for the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He has rebuffed any wrongdoing and identified the case against him as a "hoax".

As things conclude on Capitol Hill on Thursday, President Trump told reporters in the White House that he assumes the trial "should go very quickly.”

"It's a complete hoax," the President twitted. "A phony hoax put through by the Democrats so they can win an election."

By B. Alexishvili

17 January 2020 15:10