Macron's Collaborationist Approach to Russia Perplexes 'Audience

French President Emmanuel Macron stated in a conference with the news outlet RFI, that he is prepared for closer affairs with Russia, notwithstanding Moscow's long and aggressive history of conflicts with its much smaller European neighbors.

When the journalist inquired what event had caused Macron to transform his attitude towards Vladimir Putin towards seeking better relations, the French President said that it was “the result of long reflections.”

"I would not say that it was a special event among others. It was a slow decision, a historical and strategic conviction," the French President said.

The journalists asked how the French President is going to fortify relations with Russia, which is instigating wars against its neighbors, severely disturbing ‘the architecture of common European security’.

Macron answered: "Russia has captured a part of Ukraine, and we have taken action. We are on the way to resolving frozen conflicts. But if you wait for the resolution of all frozen conflicts to (start) moving forward, you can wait a long time." The French President didn’t mention Georgia, or Moldova’s Transnistria, which is in direct correspondence to the abovementioned ‘Frozen Conflicts’.

Macron also underlined that following the Normandy Summit which took place in Paris on December 9, included a "historic exchange" of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine, “it is necessary to continue the same fruitful work to resolve the conflicts.”

Author's note: It is certain that Macron's soft approach to Putin and Moscow will baffle other European leaders on their collective stance. France, as a country equipped with nuclear warheads, must have a much tougher attitude to the biggest threat to European security, which is unquestionably Russia. After Brexit, France’s role in the EU and NATO increases with insurmountable responsibility. The French and other leading European nations must guarantee safety, security and prosperity for countries like Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. Although, what we are seeing here is a ‘quisling’ way of diplomacy and ‘fear’ from Macron.      

By Beka Alexishvili

17 January 2020 14:22