NDI: NATO and EU Membership Supporters on the Rise in Georgia

Due to the public opinion survey published by the National Democratic Institute (NDI), reflecting public sentiment regarding Georgia’s EU and NATO membership, 82% of respondents consider the stated goal of the Georgian government to become a member of the EU acceptable, while 10% deem it undesirable. 

As for the question concerning NATO membership: "Is the stated goal of the Georgian government- to become a NATO member- acceptable for Georgia?", 74% of the respondents give a positive answer, while 14% consider it unacceptable. 11% say they do not know.

The survey reveals that Georgia’s accession to NATO and the European Union is supported by more people now than in previous years. A similar study published last year by the same organization showed that the goal of Georgia to become a member of the EU was deemed positive by 77% of respondents, negative by 13%, while 10% gave no concrete answer.

The fieldwork of the survey was performed between November 19 and December 13 of 2019, through 2,180 face-to-face interviews with a nationwide representative sample (excluding occupied territories).

By Elene Dzebisashvili

16 January 2020 14:19