Kaladze: Corruption is Categorically Unacceptable

Tbilisi Mayor Kakhi Kaladze has addressed his deputies, heads of different departments, and employers in general, asking them to do everything in their power to prevent corruption as it is radically unacceptable.

“[It demands your maximal attention] so that you do not miss anything. You know my approach to this – it’s equally unforgivable for everyone. All in all, corruption is categorically unacceptable and we will not bow down to it,” said Kaladze.

“If anyone needs any help, we will be at their service and not leave anyone alone against such problems, but in case of any misdemeanor we will not abandon our principles. There have been some cases and we have shown our attitude towards it.

“So I ask as much as I demand it of you to treat this matter carefully and attentively so that it is prevented and we avoid problems,” said the Tbilisi Mayor before the government assembly today.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

15 January 2020 16:49