Georgian President Congratulates Public on National Flag Day from Guria

President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili congratulated the Georgian people on National Flag Day from the western Guria region of Georgia. The flag’s raising ceremony took place at Eristavi Palace in Goraberezhouli village, Chokhatauri district of the region.

President said that the 5-cross flag was the symbol of statehood and unity of Georgia. “I want to wish everybody to deserve this flag, be the Georgians who created this flag and carried it. Then we will be worthy of the future which is put in this flag for Georgia,” President said. She wished Georgian people peace, happiness and success.

The National Flag Day is celebrated in Georgia on January 14. 

The State Council of Heraldry calls on the citizens of Georgia to set and raise the national flag on their home windows, balconies, fences and cars to honor Georgia’s statehood and independence- national and personal freedom.

“It is not right to identify the national flag only with state institutions, political parties and protest rallies. National Flag Day is primarily a national holiday. The national flag belongs to each family and is a symbol of dignity for every citizen of the country,” the council says.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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14 January 2020 17:03