DIRSI Residential Complex - The Art of Living

Where and how we live impacts all other functions of daily life. DIRSI residential complex has been designed not only to provide high-quality accommodation, but also to create a shared living space where everyone will have a stake in environment protection and where everyone will be treated equally. As ambitious as this might sound, DIRSI is setting the bar very high with its human-centered design in Tbilisi’s historical Dirsichala district.

To learn more about this standout project, GEORGIATODAY spoke with Emin Abasov, General Director of AS Georgia (DIRSI).

Tell us what your slogan ‘City within a City’ means.

DIRSI already owns the largest residential complex in the city, which comprises only a quarter of its River City mega project, spanning 47 hectares and including high-rise buildings as well as townhouses and villas.

DIRSI is designed to offer a whole new style of living, where the meticulously designed atmosphere is there to serve every imaginable need. The complex pampers its residents with the finest infrastructure and services to create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for living and leisure. These include a boulevard; a park with attractions; a multipurpose playground; bike lanes; a shopping center; restaurants and cafes; basketball/football/tennis playgrounds with instructors for children; wide pedestrian and car-free zones; a kindergarten; a school; a learning resource center; a business center; supermarkets and parking areas to name a few. The complex is also adapted for the needs of people with disabilities.

What’s more, we have already begun the construction of the project DIRSI 2, which will be available for sale in the near future.

The concept of DIRSI is largely based on eco-friendliness. How do you develop your project, please tell us more about this.

To create something distinctive, good infrastructure is not enough; one must be part of the ecosystem. The accumulated problems in the environment should concern one personally; the perpetual eagerness to try and solve these issues is essential.

Conceptually, DIRSI’s approach to design puts emphasis on the natural surroundings. For instance, the Mtkvari River, will in the future be used to create new spaces for leisure, entertainment and increased mobility- residents will be able get around the river by boat. While the river provides natural protection from the city’s incessant turmoil and pollution to one half of the DIRSI complex, the other half is embraced by a huge park serving the same purpose. Our whole conception is to provide the inhabitants with opportunities to live in a quiet, peaceful, green and secure space.

DIRSI has initiated a project of replanting trees removed in any part of the country. It also encourages broad participation in developing parks.

What urged you to start a construction site in this old district of the capital city?

DIRSI is an original and independent district between the River Mtkvari and Monk Gabriel Salosi Avenue in the historical pat of Tbilisi. The word DIRSI has its origins in Tbilisi’s historical part called “Dirsichala” (Dirsi Grove) in the last century. Following the collapse of the USSR, the area soon started to break down: its trees were cut, its gardens were uprooted and its infrastructure was damaged. The company decided to reverse the course by reinstating the historical elements of the areas based on the existing records. This area will soon become one of the greenest parts of the city, with clean air and lots of space for walking and relaxing in the open. The beautiful views of the Mtkvari River and surrounding mountains add to the charm of the complex.

Compared to similar projects, what other values does DIRSI uphold?

The safety of children is DIRSI’s top priority. The company ensures safety for kids in its parks, playgrounds and other facilities for children, completely separated from traffic zones.

DIRSI does not differentiate its buildings or customers by social or economic status. All facilities are accessible to all, equally, without any special privileges or special treatment for anyone.

Prices at DIRSI are both affordable and competitive. When buying an apartment from DIRSI, customers get additional perks in terms of access to local facilities. Thus, they make an investment that pays dividends to them as well as to the whole community.

If you’re looking for something extraordinary, spacious and modern, yet environmentally safe and aesthetically beautiful, DIRSI is the perfect fit.

13 January 2020 16:53