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Founded by Mariam Markarovi, Georgian brand Pavone produces exclusive handmade glass jewelry and interior accessories. It is known for its colorful selection of intricately made and unique technology glassware. Mariam plans to open a Pavone studio-salon which will host masterclasses.



On the market for over a year, Wely is a high-technology innovative company that creates systems to support business operations. The team’s mission is to enhance business building and homes with modern digital capabilities via smart equipment, sensors, etc. Wely can access the operating system from anywhere in the world, check the current status, optimize costs and more. Co-founder Aleksandre Kviciani says that the company aims big: their plans include joining foreign markets.



Profy is a digital platform uniting everyday life services in one space and facilitating the connection between craftspeople and customers. The website/application enables users to choose a service and browse a list of all the craftspeople in that direction, their ratings, reviews, and prices. Profy saves people energy and time, all while receiving a high-quality service. Creator Irakli Zantaraia says that he aims to change the specifics of the industry, make it easier, more reachable and comfortable for every party.

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13 January 2020 16:50