Raul Khajimba Signs Decree on His Resignation

De-facto president of occupied Abkhazia Raul Khajimba has signed a decree on his resignation, Russian media reports.

Early on Monday, the so-called President of Russian-occupied Abkhaziamet with the leaders of the opposition, Aslan Bzhaniya and Alkhaz Kvitsinia.

The sides discussed ongoing developments in Abkhazia and exchanged views on ways to resolve the crisis.

Abkhazia’s “election administration” announced repeated “presidential elections” would take place on March 22. The announcement came two days after the "chamber of appeals” of the “supreme court” annulled the results of the September 8 "presidential runoff” in the region.

In the second round of the "presidential election" in September, Khajimba received 47.39% of the vote, while opposition ‘presidential candidate’ Alkhas Kvitsinia received 46.17%.

Kvitsinia claimed the results of the "presidential elections" were invalid given that per the region's "constitution" only a candidate that receives 50% of votes +1 can be considered the victor.  

People took to the streets on January 9 in Abkhazia, demanding the resignation of Khajimba and snap "presidential elections." 

By Ana Dumbadze 

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13 January 2020 11:02