Solidarity Action Scheduled to Support of Imprisoned Georgian Doctor

A solidarity action titled ‘Signal of Freedom’ in support of the Georgian Doctor Vazha Gaprindashvili, imprisoned by the occupational regime, will be held on December 29.

Due to the statement released by the family of the doctor, solidarity rallies will be held simultaneously in numerous Georgian cities and villages, as well as in a number of countries where Georgian immigrants reside. The family has released a statement calling on everyone to join the action.

“We’ve decided to initiate the ‘freedom signal’ in Georgia and worldwide. 

"It will be a vital signal – a signal of freedom! It will be heard by people all over the world, including Ossetian doctors and patients with whom we have been temporarily separated due to misunderstandings. We will repeat and remember that there is nothing more important, nothing more accurately designating a human being than freedom!

"Obviously, the signal is symbolic, and at the same time we take a lot of other steps, but sometimes these steps need the support of all of you," the statement reads.

Vazha Gaprindashvili was sentenced to one year and nine months of prison on December 20 “for deliberately crossing the border,” as he did not admit to “crossing the border,” saying that Tskhinvali is part of Georgia and is now occupied by Russia. 

By Elene Dzebibsashvili

26 December 2019 14:47