Georgia Today Offers New GT Business Edition Every Tuesday!

You may have noticed that this edition of Georgia Today is not only purple, but is now out on a Tuesday! Fear not! You’ll still be getting an exciting bundle of politics, society and cultural news every Friday, but the Georgia Today team will now also be offering you the double bonus of a second paper every Tuesday packed with Business, Economics and Law, including EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with Georgia’s TOP BUSINESSMEN and WOMEN, economic analyses from ISET and Galt & Taggart, and bi-monthly updates on legal changes from Dechert. All in FULL COLOUR, every Tuesday!

Georgia Today, in its 15th year of operation, is proud to present to you its newly designed newspaper- fit to compete with the best in Europe- and to announce that Georgia Today will now be brought to you TWICE weekly.

We sat down for a quick chat with George Sharashidze, Publisher & General Manager of Georgia Today newspaper, to discuss the fabulous changes.

Tell us about the beginnings of the Georgia Today newspaper

In early 2000 I realized the importance of having a professional newspaper in the English language as Georgia was slowly becoming more and more recognizable on the world geopolitical map, attracting an increased number of foreign visitors from year to year. With my friends I established an English language newspaper with the ambition to become the leading news source about contemporary Georgia. At the time, Georgia Today was only 10 pages long and, as it was until this month, was published every Friday. I remember our first exclusive interview with US Ambassador Kenneth Spencer Yalowitz on the back page which was a message to our audience that Georgia Today was striving to contribute to Georgia’s integration into western structures.

Why did you decide to divide GT?

For 15 years Georgia Today has played an important role in the development of quality media in Georgia. I, as a publisher, have had a growing need to make a big change which I knew Georgia Today could handle and finally we decided to put our resources into a total rebranding. Thus, as 15 years ago, we can be sure that Georgia Today is not only keeping its position on the Georgian market but leading the industry by providing Georgia with an example of a company working with European standards in the media sector. The idea about dividing GT from GT/Business comes from attracting an even wider audience, now from the business sector, too. However, being published twice weekly has another important advantage in addition to business coverage. And this is timing; the way we are planning to deliver information to our readers in a more operative and faster way. This means our readers will be able to read the latest hot news, even if non-business in nature, on a Tuesday.

What will GT/Business have that it competitors don’t?

In short, quality of reporting, an unbiased, objective analysis, and checked facts and data which leads to us becoming the most reliable source of information in the English language, now in business news, too. The content our readers will find in GT/Business will be diverse and distinguished and often exclusive. In addition to news articles and interviews, we will have exclusive analysis by prominent economic and business think-tanks such as ISET and Galt & Taggart and legal updates from Dechert.

I wish our readers much enjoyment reading our rebranded Georgia Today – designed with our readers in mind!

09 November 2015 21:02