Bakradze Demands that the President Apologize to Georgian Army

The Leader of the European Georgia political party, Davit Bakradze has responded to President Zurabishvili’s recent statement that has raised much noise in Georgian society. Showcasing his party’s outlook, Bakrdze has demanded that the President apologize to the Georgian army as the statement was insulting and “[is] an attack on the country's most respected and supported state institution."

“The Commander-in-Chief of Georgia says that Georgia does not have and will not have an army. We believe it is an insult and attack on the country's most respected and supported state institution. We must respect every person who, with weapons in their hands, protects the security of our country.

Each such person is a hero because they sacrifice their lives to ensure that this country survives,” explained the leader of European Georgia.

We demand that Mrs. Zurabishvili apologize to the armed forces, every soldier and officer, and especially to those who have recently been injured in a terrorist attack in Afghanistan," Bakradze said.

On December 10, the President of Georgia said that Georgia doesn’t have an army.
“We do not have an army or weapons, and we will not have them in the future either. We do not have a big economic potential to conquer the region, but we have a very powerful weapon called knowledge, science, and culture,” stated the President of Georgia.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: Twitter.

11 December 2019 19:34