PM Comments on Georgian Soldiers Getting Injured in Afghanistan

Georgia’s Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia has made a comment regarding the injuring of 5 Georgian soldiers in Afghanistan.

"What is happening today at the Bagram Air Base has once again proved and demonstrated that the effectiveness of the Georgian army is ever-increasing,” explained the PM.

“Terrorists attacked the Bagram Air Base today, where more than 500 Georgian servicemen are deployed alongside our strategic partners.

I do not know if the operation is over or not, but they are fighting to end terrorism. Unfortunately, we have five wounded soldiers. This, of course, directly points to the strength of the Georgian army and its future,” said PM Gakharia.

Five military servicemen of the Georgian contingent's rapid response unit were injured after a terrorist attack at the US military base in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan earlier today.

The Ministry of Defense reported shortly that the health of the 12th Battalion soldiers, corporals Gocha Muradashvili, Soso Kvinikadze, and Roman Gununashvili, private Ilia Takadze and senior sergeant Davit Bakhurauli “is stable and their hospitalization was not necessary.” 

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: Twitter.

11 December 2019 19:15