Investigation Underway into Assault on the 'European Georgia' Party Members

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has reported that they have launched an investigation into the assault on the members of the European Georgia political party Gigi Ugulava and Giorgi Gabashvili. The investigation is in progress under Article 126 (Violence) of the Georgian Criminal Code.

The agency has reported to InterPressNews that Ugulava, Gabashvili and two others who were participants of the incident are currently in the Police Department.

“Goka Gabashvili and I were attacked in the airport, inside the passport control. We are now going back to the glass building. They’re saying that they have caught the attackers. I don’t know. We’re doing well. Goka hurt his knee. It seems that’s how they wrecked our two-day travel. This regime is very miserable – funny, even,” Ugulava posted on his official Facebook earlier today.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: Radio Tavisupleba.

11 December 2019 14:04