Shaumiani Enjoys Pre-New Year Festival to Unite Youth in the Regions

Civic Hall and Shaumiani Community Education Center organized a Pre-New Year festival on December 8 in the southern Georgian town of Shaumiani.

The Shaumiani Festival hosted stands for children's entertainment, local agricultural produce and handmade crafts. In addition, information stands of the Civic Hall and Dvv International provided information about their organizations for the interested public.

Shaumiani Festival also hosted singer-songwriter Bacho Jickidze, poet Mate Saralishvili, illusionist Avtandil Gogeshvili and the folklore groups from Koda, Khikhani and Shaumiani.

According to Civic Hall representatives, such events will be also be held in other regions of the country in order to promote the active participation of local youngsters in the life of their municipalities, benefiting the regions and the local cultural-educational centers.

The partners and supporters of the festival in Shaumiani: Dvv International, Georgian Bus and GeoVoice.

The festival was co-funded by the Caucasian House and the 'Horizon Europe' foundation.

Civic Hall,



09 December 2019 14:12