United Georgia Political Party Denies Burjanadze Apologized for Gavrilov Incident

The information spread earlier by Tass, Russia's leading news agency claimed that Nino Burjanadze, the leader of the United Georgia – Democratic Movement, during her meeting with Konstantin Kosachyov, apologized for the anti-Russian ‘provocation’ that took place last summer. However, Burjanadze’s party has now denied the information.

United Georgia – Democratic Movement party has reported that the party’s leader has not apologized for developments around Gavrilov’s visit to Tbilisi at the meeting with Kosachyov, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Russia’s Federation Council.

“The meeting was focused on the issue related to the imprisonment of Georgian doctor Vazha Gapridashvili. The sides also discussed air flights between Georgia and Russia,” the press office of the movement has reported.

“Unfortunately, several editions attempted to ignore this information. Russian media has reported that Nino Burjanadze apologized for the Gavrilov incident at a meeting with Kosachyov. We would like to emphasize that Nino Burjanadze did not apologize to anyone, especially regarding Gavrilov's visit. In all of her speeches, the leader of the United Georgia-Democratic Movement, both in Georgia and in the Russian Federation, has always claimed that Sergei Gavrilov did not sit in the chair of the parliament’s chairman by the own initiative, but the government of Georgia put him there and could not even protect the guest when the situation worsened. This is what was reiterated at the meeting with Kosachyov – she said the fact was regrettable but did not apologize for, " explained Jilda Machavariani, head of the United Georgia-Democratic Movement's press office.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: Twitter.

06 December 2019 20:06