Eggs Came First: Incidents at the Kutaisi Rally

On Thursday, December 5 the political opposition announced that large-scale protests were to take place throughout the country, under the slogan 'All against One.' Today their promise was fulfilled as civil activists and representatives of the opposition parties came out to the streets of Kutaisi, demanding snap parliamentary elections “under an interim government and impartial election administration.”

The demonstration started around 2:00 pm in Kutaisi. The members of European Georgia held a march Kikvidze Square to the building of the regional administration.

For a short period, the situation was calm at the Kutaisi demonstration. But then, around 30 minutes after the rally started, the protestors got an answer to the ‘what came first’ debate as they leaders and supporters of the opposition, gathered at Kikvidze Square in Kutaisi city, were hit by eggs. Reportedly, the said the eggs were thrown from the roof of a building.
On their end, the protesters took off their caps and told the attackers to throw the right onto them.

Later as the oppositional leaders and activists were marching towards Davit Aghmashenebeli Square, an incident took place.

It has been reported, the crash occurred after an unidentified person verbally abused members of the “Change” movement.

Law enforcers managed to defuse the situation and removed the unknown person from the area.

The protest in all concluded with Georgia’s National Anthem.

By Nini Dakhundaridze
Image source: RadioTavisupleba.

06 December 2019 11:34