An Event that Parents and Children Should not Miss - a School Fair

Expo Georgia 11th Pavilion will host an exhibition of schools where you will find private schools and kindergartens, language centers, sports schools, entertainment centers, art circles and etc., on December 6-7.

The school fair will be of interest to both parents and children.

Presentations and workshops will be held for parents and teachers during these two days:

  • General presentations of schools
  • National Assessment and Examinations Center Presentations - “International Exams”, “Assessment for Development” and “International Assessments / Research”.
  • Neuropsychologist Nana Margvelashvili's public lectures: "How to laud and Encourage Children" and "Excess Stress and Child Development".

At the exhibition, children will be able to do real experiments.

The school fair will host a planetarium where children will learn about the solar system - planets, asteroids, comets and the sun and the nature of each, the galaxy – and get to know the characteristics of the galaxy, big or small stars, star birth and disappearance.

Children will have the opportunity to be "archaeologists" for a while and discover artifacts. Visitors will meet with the art workshops on drawing and painting at the stands. There will also be sports competitions in football and basketball.

WHERE: ExpoGeorgia (Tsereteli Ave., Tbilisi)

By Mariam Merabishvili

06 December 2019 17:40