Ambassador of Ukraine to Georgia on the Ongoing Tensions in the Country

Speaking of the ongoing tensions in the country, Igor Dolgov, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Georgia, claims that the only fruitful way out is the way of the peaceful dialogue. Not force, nor the full compromise on one part, but a well-structured and honest dialogue between the government and the protesters.

“Ambassadors, diplomats look forward to facilitating the dialogue between the ruling party and the opposition. This is the only way to strengthen democracy for the development of Georgia. I believe Georgians will find a way out, ” says Doglov.

A while ago, the participants of the protests called for the modification of the current mixed voting system to resemble the ‘German model’. Commenting on this initiative, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Georgia calls for a more personalised and a well-thought-out version of the model, as opposed to the automatic adoption of an already existing one. “The Georgian people should discuss the Georgian model, neither German nor American, but the Georgian model”, he claims.

By Elene Dzebisashvili


06 December 2019 15:16