January-September Report: 22,590 Pedestrians Fined for Violating Traffic Rules in Tbilisi

Violating traffic rules is a big issue in Georgia and drivers are not the only ones to blame as a new report suggests.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has reported to InterPressNews that 22,590 pedestrians were fined for violating traffic rules in Tbilisi alone from January through September 2019.

The Ministry has also presented a contrast, comparing the 2019 report to the one done in 2018. The number of fines is alarmingly different: in 2018, 12,685 pedestrians were fined for violating traffic rules.

The facts of traffic rule violations are less common (or less fined) in the regions of Georgia. During the last two years, there have been 9,075 cases of traffic fines given out to pedestrians in the Georgian regions.

By Nini Dakhundaridze   

Image source: iihs.org

04 December 2019 11:47