The Charm of Total Charm When You Want Your Looks Just So

Total Charm is a leading Georgian company known for its innovations and customer-oriented services. Since its establishment in 1996, the company has been growing fast, constantly improving and diversifying its products to meet market demand in Georgia and abroad. The Aptos threads, a trademark product of Total Charm, has already gained unrivaled popularity. The brand has become the hallmark of a successful business model, as the company plans to shift the production of the Aptos threads from Germany to Georgia. Total Charm is also known for its annual international conference that has been drawing hundreds of plastic surgeons from all over the world for learning, research, and development purposes. If you are serious about undertaking plastic surgery or non-invasive procedures to change your looks, Total Charm is a perfect fit for you to stop the clock!

GEORGIA TODAY spoke with Konstantin Sulamanidze, the plastic and aesthetic surgeon at Total Charm along with his father and brother, doctors Marlen and Giorgi Sulmanidze. Konstantin was recognized as the best specialist in the nomination “Best treatment” 2015-2016, at the International Congress of Aesthetic Direction in Paris- AMEC 2015.

How and when did you start your business?

The history of this company is also the history of my family. The roots go back to 1996 when my father, Marlen Sulamanidze, a plastic surgeon, invented the Aptos threads, better and more commonly known as the Golden threads. What is Aptos? Aptos is a non-invasive thread and method of face and body lifting, contouring and rejuvenation. The invention served as a great inspiration to my family, giving rise to our medical careers. Having spent a number of years in Moscow, where I graduated from a local university to become a plastic surgeon, my family returned to Georgia in 2008. Here, we established a large clinic – Total Charm, which has been growing and expanding its services ever since.

What kinds of service does Total Charm offer?

Total Charm provides a range of services, including surgeries (among them vascular surgery), dermato-cosmetological services (the clinic employs 7 dermatologists), and aesthetic gynecological services that are becoming increasingly popular. In short, we are a large group of professionals who love their work and who enjoy helping patients with their rejuvenation efforts. We have lots of patients and they are never disappointed.

We are also capable of conducting several procedures at a time. For instance, we have had cases when I’d be working on breast glands while my father was carrying out abdominoplastic surgery and my brother on facial lifting – all going on as our gynecologist was busy working with the same patient at the same time! Such a combination of concurrent services is very efficient and time-saving as it takes about 1.5 hours to complete all these procedures.

Post-op rehabilitation and recovery times vary from patient to patient, but as soon as they see the change in their looks (no matter if the nose or breasts), the change they have been longing for, they realize that it was worth the effort. The new look gives everyone the kind of self-confidence and a renewed sense of self-worth that every member of our company so strives to see.

Are there any other types of activities that the company is involved in?

Total Charm also runs a big learning center called Aptos Shop with a large conference hall. It attracts medical professionals from all over the world. Aptos Shop hosts over 100 doctors every month. Last week, we had 18 plastic surgeons and dermato-cosmetologists from Australia learning the Aptos methodology. This is the only place where one can learn this methodology because we, as the inventors, own the patent rights to Aptos. Another advantage is that they can observe the actual application of the methodology in the operating theater as surgeries are being carried out.

We also organize Georgia’s largest international conference on plastic surgery—Kolkhida. This year we held our 14th event with 650 participants from all over the world. This was a three-day event packed with multiple presentations and live broadcasts of surgical operations.

Do you produce the Aptos threads in Georgia?

Since 1996, we have been using the services of a German producer in Berlin, but we are now building a factory in Georgia to produce the Aptos threads locally. We plan to set the new enterprise in motion in 2020, and it will not only meet demand on the local market but will allow products to be exported as an important Georgian brand to foreign markets. We have hired German engineers to help us ensure that the factory complies with extremely tight and high technological and quality standards required for the production of the Aptos threads.

Any last-minute thoughts or advice for patients thinking about plastic surgery?

Well, I would conclude by saying that before you make up your mind to undertake plastic surgery, make sure you are well-motivated and well-consulted. Make sure you consult a plastic surgeon before making a decision. And once you pick your doctor, trust your doctor to the very end! Make sure you retain a positive attitude because it will help you with a speedy recovery. Anyone can look awesome, anyone regardless of age, because age doesn’t matter. What matters is that we never stop believing in ourselves and never stop loving ourselves and our loved ones.

02 December 2019 19:19