Entrepreneur Shop: A New Online Store of Georgian Production

Entrepreneur Shop is a new platform of Entrepreneur, which shares the strategic mission of the magazine by continuing to support Georgian entrepreneurs through an additional channel – an online shop.

Unlike the functioning analogies, the Entrepreneur Shop will only offer production made by Georgian entrepreneurs.

“By launching a new online shop we will further strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in Georgia, giving more people an incentive to establish and develop a business of their own,” said George Sharashidze, the Editor-in-chief of the Entrepreneur. “Entrepreneur Shop will support Georgian entrepreneurs not merely by expanding their sales but also by popularizing their business and raising their brands to fame. To accomplish that goal, we will use every possible platform.”

Entrepreneur Shop will unite different services and products in one space. It will include everything that is Georgian, has the best quality and was made with Georgian entrepreneurial spirit.

The online shop already offers around 200 products of up to 25 Georgian brands, a number that is ever-increasing.

Entrepreneur encourages every Georgian brand that creates interesting and outstanding production to join the Entrepreneur Shop community. The online shop will open new doors to member entrepreneurs: raising their brands to fame and increasing their income.

02 December 2019 19:17