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‘Chini’ is a new Georgian brand that has just joined the local market offering suitcase hoods that carry the Georgian identity. Maka Gurgenidze and her daughter Irinka Tsakadze, lovers of traveling, were inspired three years ago. After finding the right fabrics, atelier, and suppliers, the founders decided to put their creation into patriotic work – making the suitcase hoods the ‘ambassadors’ of Georgia through the Georgian alphabet, Georgian flag, ‘borderization’, “Georgia is Occupied by Russia” and Georgian painters. Chini plans include the expansion of output, as well as themes.



Georgian restaurant ‘Barbarestan’ has found a new source of acknowledgment. The fine-dining place is now among the 50 Best Discoveries, a database updated every year that helps food enthusiasts find the top 50 restaurants and bars to go to around the world. “A traditional family restaurant with recipes based on those in legendary writer and chef Barbare Jorjadze’s original cookbook of 19th-century Georgian classics. A real chance to discover forgotten but authentic Georgian food in an interior matched to those times: an eclectic mix of soft lampshades, lace tablecloths, and vintage crockery.” The author of the concept, branding, interior design and F&B menu of Barbarestan is the team behind ‘Gastronaut’.



Babale won the Social Enterprise of the Year title at the 8th Social Enterprise Forum. Babale is an outstanding Georgian social enterprise creating and developing equal work environments for those with special needs. They aim to give these people a pleasant workplace, to provide them with professional information, to develop their working skills, and to strengthen and support them financially. The founder of Babale, Lia Tabatadze, started with 10,000 GEL and a very small circle of parents organizing small-scale social activities to raise awareness of Down’s Syndrome in Georgian society. They soon began creating high-quality products.

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02 December 2019 19:08