Opposition Parties Offer Govt' New Model for 2020 Elections

Opposition parties are offering the government a new model for the 2020 elections. About 30 parties are the authors of the initiative, including European Georgia, National Movement, Lelo, Development Movement, Democratic Movement - United Georgia and others.

The leaders of the parties signed the document today, noting that the draft will be sent to the OSCE, and in case of positive recommendation, they will submit the document as a legislative initiative to the Parliament.

The document reads that the Parliament shall consist of 77 members elected under the proportional system and 73 members elected under the majoritarian system. As a result of the elections held under the proportional system, the seats will be distributed among the political parties and election blocs that receive at least 3% of votes. The rules and terms for participation in elections, as well as the rules for the distribution of seats, shall be determined by the election law.

In addition, every voter registered in a multi-mandate constituency shall have the right to give one vote to a majoritarian candidate and the other vote - to a party.

By Ana Dumbadze 

29 November 2019 16:43