Karasin Announces Opening of Russian Culture Center in Tbilisi

Russian former deputy FM Gregory Karasin, who met with Georgian PM’s Special Representative in Relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze in Prague yesterday, has announced the opening of a Russian language and culture center in Tbilisi in mid-December.

"There is no doubt that the Center of Russian Language and Culture, which opens in Tbilisi in mid-December, will play an important role in the development of relations between Russia and Georgia," he said.

However, the representative of Georgian side Zurab Abashidze says that no bilateral agreement on the opening of a Russian language and culture center in Tbilisi was made during his meeting with Russian Former Deputy FM. 

"During the meeting, Mr. Karasin made a short comment that the Russian Visa Centre, which is located in Tbilisi and is a commercial structure, wishes to offer commercial language courses. I told him that I would familiarise myself with the issue after returning back to Tbilisi,” he noted.

By Ana Dumbadze  


29 November 2019 15:48