Clashes Occur at the Office of Majoritarian MP in Tbilisi

Physical and verbal confrontation took place at the bureau office of majoritarian MP Mamuka Mdinaradze, following the padlocking of the office doors by the leaders of the opposition party European Georgia.

“Police officers, State Security Service employees and the Georgian Dream activists did not allow us to padlock the office. We had a clash with the activists of the Georgian Dream. They attacked us, but we confirmed that we were peaceful activists. We padlocked the office and told them that the government must fulfil its promises and the elections must be held through the proportional system,” says Mikeil Gogotishvili, the chairman of the Ozurgeti regional office of the opposition party European Georgia.

"You are a slave," "You gouged people’s eyes out”, the opposition lawmakers said, addressing the bureau employees.

“Shame on you. You are the ‘people of brooms’. We will not let anyone, who is standing beside the ‘people of brooms’, to express his/her protest,” the bureau employees answered.

Patrol police officers are mobilized near the office. 

By Elene Dzebisashvili

22 November 2019 13:55