Kibar Khalvashi: If I Win, Half My Shares Go To Dvali and Akimidze

A supposed new owner of the TV Company Rustavi 2, Kibar Khalvashi has said that if the court decides Rustavi 2 belongs to him, he will convey 50% of his shares to Davit Dvali and Jarji Akimidze.

Khalvashi at a press conference today stated his aim is not only to return to Rustavi 2, but to also restore justice.

“I declared at the beginning that it was my battle for justice. I want justice to be restored for everyone that suffered from Saakashvili’s regime. This applies not only to Rustavi 2, but also to all other personal property that has been lost or confiscated.”

According to Khalvashi, he claimed from the very beginning of [their] struggle that the company would work on an equality basis. “It’s my good will,” he stated. He also says he took public interests into account as people “wanted justice.”

He concluded that will distance himself from company management and instead, would let professionals do it. 

06 November 2015 15:02