m2 Collective – New Co-working Space with Distinctive Architecture & Design Opens in the Heart of Tbilisi

Co-working spaces have been rapidly increasing by number over the last few years in Georgia’s capital and throughout the country in general. This innovative way of working is gaining increasing popularity among customers, as they no longer have to choose between working at a corporate office or from the comfort of their own home. Now they can have the perfect mix of both in a co-working space.

On November 15, Georgia Real Estate Holding added a new direction to its activities by opening a comfortable and innovative co-working space at #10 Kartozia Street, in the central Saburtalo district of Tbilisi.

The opening ceremony was attended by current and potential customers of m2 Collective, representatives of the business sector, creative industry and media.

The technically fully equipped space is designed for up to 100 users and is as ideal for productive work as it is for business meetings.

m2 Collective boasts a well-equipped working space with 24/7 access, isolated offices as well as common working spaces, meeting rooms, individual lockers, high-speed wireless internet, high-quality technical equipment including printing machines, projectors, etc., free coffee/tea, daily cleaning service, and bicycle and car parking.

The guests attending the opening ceremony unanimously claimed that it was the perfect place for employees to progress and succeed.

m2 Collective is designed to provide users with a sense of maximum comfort, with separate rooms arranged for those wishing to work individually. The modern office equipment available at m2 Collective will enable all processes to be carried out directly on the spot, which, given the rapid pace of modern life, is very convenient.

The new co-working space is characterized by attractive architecture and a special design. The minimalistic style generates a cozy and professional environment at the same time. When entering the offices arranged at m2, one will definitely get the feeling it was created especially for productive work and finding new business opportunities.

“m2 Collective is yet another new and successful project of our holding,” said Irakli Burdiladze, CEO of Georgia Real Estate Holding. “We are well aware that in modern times, doing business, cooperating with companies or running your own business is also possible remotely. Therefore, in order to provide maximum comfort to our customers, we saw it necessary to open this kind of space. I believe that Collective will become the basis for many people to come up with new ideas and innovate projects that will further strengthen the country's business and creative sector.”

What’s more, Collective offers affordable prices tailored to individual needs of the customers, as well as special offers and discounts.

The modern and comfortable multifunctional space represents a unique opportunity for individuals and firms, from various backgrounds and professions, to enhance and improve their skills, knowledge and expertise in order to achieve success in their own fields.

“When we started thinking about a common workspace, we had a few factors in mind: first, location because there was no such space with this standard and functions in the Saburtalo district,” noted Nato Bochorishvili, General Director of the Georgia Property Management Group. “The other factor was customer demand. As the desire to work in a common workspace is increasing by the day, considering the interest of our audience, we realized that there is a need for such a space in the market as well. We opened it in one of the m² complexes, in the residential complex Hippodrome2, in order to provide an additional home-like environment and a new exciting experience of a co-working space for our residents.”

She added that the company also plans to arrange the same profile space in other complexes of m2, in particular, m3 located on Gelovani street.

“The space is suitable and convenient for companies and individuals working in every direction; however, it is most likely to be used by the representatives of the education and IT fields, as well as individuals working on private orders, such as architects and designers. We also have rooms arranged at the office in which members can take a step back from work and relax, get rid of some stress and come up with new creative ideas in a calm environment,” she added.

As for the competition in the local market, despite the fact that many spaces of a similar profile have been opened in Georgia’s capital of late, the head of the Georgia Property Management Group believes that the newly opened m2 Collective can freely compete with them due to its distinctive features and the maximum comfort it provides its residents.

“In our space, we aimed to solve all the issues that are not addressed by other such profile facilities. First of all, we focused on the decor quality, as well as heating and cooling systems and ventilation, which is very important for productive work. The offices are arranged in order to receive the maximum amount of daylight in an internal space and create a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, there are many other details we can offer our customers on the spot, including a well-equipped kitchen, different types of relaxation rooms, technical equipment, etc. We wanted to do our best in order to motivate and inspire our customers by giving them an absolutely new experience of co-working space. Given that there is an increasing demand for office space, we are planning to further develop and expand in this direction and integrate other spaces located nearby. As for the prices, at this stage we offer quite favorable discounts to our customers, having one of the most competitive prices on the local market,” she elaborated.

m2 Collective already has permanent customers and residents, and the majority of them claim that the space provides perfect conditions for work.

The office of Kant's Academy, the leading non-formal education platform for adolescents, is also located at m2.

As Giorgi Taktakishvili, CEO of the Kant’s Academy, noted, their team is completely satisfied with the service of m2 and they call on other companies to follow their example.

“We are very glad that there are many facilities with this kind of profile opening in Tbilisi and in Georgia in general. m2 Collective is distinguished among them with high quality service. We were one of the first companies that chose this space for work, as we appreciate the value and importance of a good co-working space and the positive impact it can have on our professional development. It was totally the right decision. It is the perfect environment for the motivation and self-development of customers. The entire team of m2 is always ready to assist us to solve any challenge. When working at m2, we have more enthusiasm and can feel that choosing this space for our activities is already an important strategic decision and a step forward for a successful future. The Kant’s Academy, with all its projects and offices, is currently based at m2 and our team highly recommends it for other companies and individuals to share our successful experience. The teams of Kant’s Academy and m2 are ‘competing’ about giving more motivation to each other and it is noteworthy that the m2 collective is currently winning, however, we promise that we will definitely ‘defeat’ them by having some surprises and moves in terms of motivation and self-development of our own,” Taktakishvili said.

The newly opened space is expected to become home to the most innovative projects and teams and open-minded and creative individuals. The doors of the m2 Collective are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, meaning the facility is always ready to warmly welcome members into a cozy environment with comfortable working conditions.

By Ana Dumbadze

21 November 2019 16:56