New Touristic Attraction to Open in Chvana Valley

Chvana Valley in Ajara has many projects coming up – including a hotel hanging off the side of a cliff for adrenaline addicts, a festival space, touristic paths, and relaxing and entertainment spaces in Mother Nature. The concept of touristic development was created by the Agency of Developing Touristic Products of the Tourism Department of Ajara and it aims to make the beautiful location of Chvana Valley more attractive to tourists. The presented plan views the development of general touristic routes and spaces, from the major cultural heritage of the valley, the bridge of Khabelashvili, to a village of windmills.

“Our aim is to create a new center attractive for tourists, where the guests of the region will be welcome any time of the year,” stated Tinatin Zoidze, Head of Tourism Service Division of Ajara. “In this way, the Valley of Chvana is really outstanding, being as rich as it is in cultural heritage and natural resources. From 2020, developing touristic infrastructure will be in special focus. First of all, we need to establish new touristic infrastructure, while on the other hand new routes must be presented that will enable everyone to travel to and from other municipalities. As result, Chvana Valley will become more of an attractive destination for people looking for locations that unite eco-tourism, cultural tourism, and adventure tourism.”

Chvana Valley is 58 from Batumi and is prominent in the region with its amazing folklore and musical traditions. What’s more, those visiting Chvana Valley with tourism in mind are gifted with the opportunity to taste local dishes, honey and fruit. Adding more to the attractiveness of the place, Chvana Valley has picturesque vintage wooden windmills surrounded by mother nature – the village is even known as ‘the Village of windmills’. The Valley is rich in waterfalls, historical-cultural heritage and traditions. In this way, the three-century-old bridge of the Khabelashvilis particularly stands out, being an acknowledged cultural heritage monument in the region. There in the valley is the small studio of Panduri – the traditional Georgian musical instrument, and everyone visiting the Chvana Valley can, and should, drop in and get a hand-made panduri from Ajarian masters as a souvenir and celebration of the culture as well as for its value as a memory of time spent in the amazing valley of Chvana.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: Adjara Department of Tourism

21 November 2019 16:37