The Political Opposition and Activists Announce Action Plan

Shota Dighmelashvili, one of the organizers of the recent demonstrations in front of the Parliament building, has announced the action plan for the Georgian activists.

“On Monday, November 25, there will be a massive get-together in front of the Parliament. We’ll picket the building again and they’ll have to dismiss us again,” announced Dighmelashvili.

The goal of picketing the Parliament is canceling Tuesday’s Plenary Session of the Parliament. Dighmelashvili noted that if the deputies want to get inside the Parliament first Georgian Police will have to go up against Georgian people.

Dighmelashvili also reported that the political opposition is helping the organizers. A council has been launched where the meetings of united opposition will be attended by a representative from the civil society.

Giorgi Gugava of the Labor Party has announced the plan of political opposition that has already been agreed upon.

Next Monday, at 7 PM they plan a numerous protest at the Republic Square only to march to the Rustaveli Avenue and picket the Parliament once more.

Gugava was also quoted saying that before Monday, the intense protests are not going to cease. “We’ll continue to protest intensively and picket administrative buildings before Monday. We have to force them to correspond to the demands of Georgian people and leave this country alone,” said Gugava.

The main demand of social activists and the political opposition remains to be snap proportional elections.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: Radio Tavisupleba

19 November 2019 21:40