EU4Energy to Assist Georgia in Energy Performance Certification of buildings

On 14 November, the Energy Community secretariat held expert consultations with Georgian stakeholders in Tbilisi, aimed at developing the skills and competencies needed to use a tool that calculates the energy performance of buildings. The tool was developed within the framework of the EU4Energy Governance project.

The tool takes into account different climatic zones, automates the calculation of insulating efficiency values for windows and walls and considers the use of renewables when issuing certificates of energy performance. These certificates include the reason they were issued, the building category, primary energy (measured energy consumption for heating in recent years), the share of energy from renewables, the energy efficiency class (A to G) and proposed measures for improving energy performance.

Earlier this year, the EU4Energy Governance project developed national regulations on certifying the energy performance of buildings and a template of the energy performance certificate for Georgia. The assistance is part of EU4Energy support for the country in fulfilling its commitments under the Energy Community Treaty, following the draft Law on the Energy Performance of Buildings of Georgia developed with EU4Energy support in early 2018, the adoption of which is pending.


19 November 2019 14:58