Georgia’s Breakaway Region Struggles for Int'l Recognition

For the next round of the Geneva Discussions, the co-chairmen are expected to visit Tskhinvali to review the current situation.   

According to the information released by Tskhinvali, one of the main topics discussed will be the Tsnelisi issue. Which is the main technical subject matter for incident prevention and responding to the ongoing escalation.   

The opening of the police station in Chorchana village in August, was followed by the situation escalating, seeing the de-facto South Ossetia calling for the closure of the station, which was rejected by the Georgian side.     

It is not known yet if the Geneva co-chairs will discuss the detainment of the Georgian doctor, Vazha Gaprindashvili.  

Additionally, to add the already uneasy situation, the de-facto Foreign Minister of the so-called South Ossetia is holding meetings within the framework of the European Tour in Italy.

The Sputnik-Ossetia, a small-time media outlet of the professed breakaway region, reported that the main topic of discussion at the meetings will be the "genocide of the Ossetian people" by Georgia in the 1920s.

The de facto Minister said he agreed with Italian lawyers that they would receive proper documents and materials for making a legal analysis in order to bring the case in line with international law.

The proclaimed FM said the case was related to the "genocide of the Ossetian people by the authorities of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1919-1920." Which is a rather distorted truth and nothing new to the Russian way of expressing and deforming history.   

By Beka Alexishvili


19 November 2019 14:03