Humane Treatment of Animals Being Taught in Georgian Schools

"For the attention of school children and teachers! The Animal Monitoring Agency is conducting informational and cognitive lessons in the capital's schools as part of its public awareness campaign," reads the Facebook post by the Animal Monitoring Agency.

Concepts taught in this new comprehensive program spur the development of vital life-building skills including empathy, sensitivity, social responsibility, compassion and kindness to all living beings. As part of the training program, children will watch short films about homeless animals and discuss the challenges and solutions to the issue.

The educational process is designed to help adolescents re-think the special relationship humans have with companion animals, recognizing that we share many of the same physical and emotional needs.

“As a way to encourage social responsibility, the students who carry out various activities for animal welfare will be awarded certificates along with the status of an Animal Friend," says Nata Uzunashvili, an employee at the Animal Monitoring Agency.

Children who demonstrate respect for others and practice positive interactions are more likely to continue to demonstrate such behavior, thus breaking the cycle of violence and abuse. Students who are encouraged to understand and live by their own moral compass find it easier to thrive in educational environments and in the world as a whole.

By Elene Dzebisashvili

19 November 2019 13:40