IRI Center: For 70% of Population Salome Zurabishvili is Unfavorable

The International Republican Institute (IRI) published a poll on November 18, according to which most of the respondents have a negative attitude towards President Salome Zurabishvili.

70% of respondents answered that the President was an ‘unfavorable’ candidate for them and only 23% said that they had a positive attitude towards her. 7% of the participants chose the ‘Don't know/No answer’ category.

The poll also researched people’s attitudes towards other political figures.

39% of respondents think Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia favorable, while 49% expressed a negative attitude towards the PM. 2% said they haven't heard about PM Gakharia, and 10% refused to answer.

The IRI poll found that most of the participants view the Speaker of Parliament negatively - Archil Talakvadze is disliked by 50% and liked by 25%. 10% have never heard of him and 15% chose the category “I don't know/No answer”.

Davit Bakradze was shown to be the most popular political figure, 57% voting for him as favorable, 36% viewing him negatively and 7% refusing to answer. Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze fell right behind him, being favored by 49% and disliked by 42%.

“The first International Republican Institute (IRI) national poll conducted in Georgia since the anti-Russia protests in June 2019 indicates a continued deficit of trust in the government. No party has a clear lead in the upcoming election, but there is potential to make headway with voters by addressing economic issues, which continue to be the top national concern for citizens,“ reads the conclusion of the IRI poll.

By Nini Dakhundaridze  

Image source: Tabula


19 November 2019 13:30