Mardaleishvili Medical Group Organizes Press Tour in Diagnostic Center of Modern Standards

On November 15, the Mardaleishvili Medical Group organized a press tour for media representatives in its diagnostic center equipped to modern standards. The introductory tour was aimed at presenting the new diagnostic center at 4 Tamarashvili Street in Tbilisi.

The invited specialists introduced the tour participants to the unique capabilities of its diagnostic center which offers patients a full range of radiological examinations, including a laboratory arranged in accordance with modern standards and closed automatic systems. A laboratory examination conducted in accordance with these standards ensures maximum accuracy when diagnosing.

Mardaleishvili Medical Group cooperates with General Electric and therefore the diagnostic center is equipped with modern equipment of the company, unique not only in Georgia but also in the region. Particularly noteworthy is the latest model, 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as well as mammography with tomosynthesis function, which greatly enhances the early detection and accurate diagnosis of malignant tumors. In addition, the Mardaleishvili Diagnostic Center is distinguished for it ultra-modern models of computer tomography, densitometer, ultrasound, endoscope, X-ray and X-ray equipment.

Zaza Koplatadze, Director of Mardaleishvili Medical Group, hosted the invited media representatives. The diagnostic center is one of the first not only in the post-Soviet countries but in the world to have ultra-modern equipment of the highest standards, which is a huge success for the Mardaleishvili Medical Group and the whole of Georgia.

“3 Tesla Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) represents the closest model of General Electric. This is equipment of latest generation that can diagnose, identify and detect any disease at a very early stage. This is a prerequisite for the detection of any pathology, its timely treatment and recovery,” Koplatadze explains.

GEL 20 million was invested in equipping the Mardaleishvili Diagnostic Center. At present, the clinic employs 120 people.

"The Mardaleishvili Diagnostic Center is staffed by specialists who have received a good education not only in Georgia but abroad. Today, they have returned to us and therefore, leading physicians recognized in Georgia as well as in America and Europe will provide patients with medical research and consultations. A diagnostic center arranged in accordance with modern standards will be able to meet the medical needs of the Georgian population with high quality,” says Konstantine Mardaleishvili, Head of the Oncology Research Center.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health, Tbilisi City Health and Social Services and Parliamentary Health Committee, practitioners and other health professionals were also invited to the presentation of the diagnostic center.

18 November 2019 19:49