Grigol Vashadze - We will Completely Picket the Parliament

"We are not going to stop demonstrations and we are starting to completely picket the Parliament because this Agency has lost its function," one of the leaders of the 'United National Movement,' Grigol Vashadze, said in his speech at the protest rally outside the Parliament.

"This night will show what we are able to do," he added.

A protest rally has recently begun outside the Parliament.

Two rallies will be held in Tbilisi today regarding the parliament’s rejection of the electoral bill aimed to move from a mixed electoral system to a proportional one. 

Supporters of the Alliance of Patriots also plan to hold a rally in front of the Radisson Hotel at 17:00. As Irma Inashvili, one of the leaders of the Alliance of Patriots, said, their main demand is that the Georgian Dream leave the government.

People have been blocking Rustaveli Avenue for several days now, demanding snap proportional elections conducted by an interim government.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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17 November 2019 16:12