Adam Kinzinger on Recent Developments in Georgia

Congressman and Co-chair of the House Georgia Caucus Adam Kinzinger stated the following assertion after learning of the protests outside the Georgian Parliament in Tbilisi.

This morning, I was shocked to hear about the collapse of the promised reforms in the Georgian Parliament, after officials downvoted the move to a proportional election system. During my visit to the country last week, I was pleased by what seemed to be the inevitability of this reform package. This commitment was made to the international community, and most importantly, to the Georgian people. It is my hope that this situation can be fixed – and fixed very soon. When we look to this region, it’s important to remember that Russia is a failing country courtesy of its repressive governance. Georgia is not Russia, and the Georgian people demand and deserve better than what their Parliament showed them today.”

Mr. Kinzinger reasserted his support for Georgia and the Georgian people, he also spoke about the foreign threat the country faces in the form of the Kremlin.

“As Co-Chair of the House Georgia Caucus, I’m calling on Georgian officials to resume negotiations immediately and pass this important reform package. Georgians want a government of, for, and by the people. They want a government that is more aligned with the West and they want to be recognized as a NATO ally. Failure to deliver this constitutional amendment will be a gift for Vladimir Putin and will destroy the progress Georgia has made to reach complete independence and separation from an aggressive, encroaching neighbor in Russia,” the Congressman stated.

By Beka Alexishvili

15 November 2019 16:22