The Ministry of Internal Affairs Addresses the Demonstrators

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has released a statement pertaining to the ongoing protest rally outside the Parliament.

“The MIA protects the right of peaceful assembly and manifestation guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia. However, in keeping with the Law on Assemblies and Manifestations, the organisers of demonstrations are obliged not to obstruct the professional activity of the legislative bodies. The demonstrators should refrain from blocking the entrances. The persons violating the procedures shall be held responsible under the legislation of Georgia”, reads the statement.

As outlined in the statement, The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on the citizens to abide by the Constitution of Georgia, to respect the limits set by the law of peaceful assembly, to comply with the police demand and to maintain public order.

The number of demonstrators has been rising since the ruling party dropped a draft constitutional amendment on the transition to a proportional electoral system.

By Elene Dzebisashvili

14 November 2019 16:40