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Pulsar AI

Pulsar Al is the first start-up to have attracted Silicon Valley to invest $1,2 million, which will help the start-up establish itself in the American market. After completing the funding round successfully, the investors of the Georgian start-up are as famous as Ridge Ventures, Great Oaks VC, Mike Murphy and Ten Eighty Capital. Pulsar Al was founded by Dachi Coladze and Zaal Gachechiladze in 2016. In less than a year, they became the lead company on the Georgian Artificial Intelligence market, producing totally innovative technologies. In 2018, Pulsar Al got international recognition and was named among the winners of Payment Awards and in 2019, their audio technologies were named as the best mobile bank.


‘Round’ is the name of a sportswear start-up founded by four freshmen of the Caucasus University: Giorgi Topuridze, Sandro Zabakhidze, Kote Dikhaminjia, and Giorgi Didmamishvili, who set up production with an affordable Georgian manufacture while keeping high quality production. Now they have launched a Georgian brand of thermal t-shirts, sports pants, jackets, and hoodies. Their short-term plans are connected to establishing the start-up on the market, though they are already thinking about exporting.


The Global Start-Up Fund, which was established by the partnership of Silicon Valley in Tbilisi and Israeli Silicon Wadi, has signed an unprecedented deal for Georgian start-up influence.ge for GEL 1,300,000. Founded by Ladi Gabunia and Giorgi Tushurashvili, influence.ge is an innovative, data-driven influencer marketing company. It unites influential people on social media and professionals who are connected to companies in Georgia. Customers choose influencers from the database who have prestige in the corresponding segment. Said influencers then create the appropriate content on social media, popularizing the customer’s product.

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11 November 2019 19:33