Georgia to chair Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers from November 27

Georgia will take over the chairmanship of Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers for a six-month term starting November 27.

As Council of Europe`s office said, since Georgia’s accession to the Council of Europe, its main objective of co-operation activities has been to support the country in honoring its statutory obligations and specific commitments as a Council of Europe member state, in order to improve democracy, human rights and the rule of law in the country.

The Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2020-2023 was adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 5 November 2019 and launched by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe in Tbilisi on 11 November 2019.

Georgia became a member of the Council of Europe on April 27, 1999. As stated by the CoE, the chair "acts in a neutral way and ensures that the rules and guidelines are respected”. It further “guides the discussions, puts proposals to the vote and announces decisions”.

The chairmanship will be passed from France to Georgia at a meeting held in in Strasbourg on November 27.

In connection with this event, Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani will visit Strasburg.

By Ana Dumbadze 

25 November 2019 15:13