Police: Screening of 'And Then We Danced' Underway in Calm Environment

“At this stage, the screening of ‘And Then We Danced’ movie is underway in a calm environment in every cinema of Tbilisi,” Patrol Police Chief Vazha Siradze told reporters.

He said that police remain in the vicinity of all cinemas and continue to maintain public order.

“We will be there during the second session as well and will respond appropriately to violations. I urge protesters to obey the lawful demands of the police,” he added.

In Batumi, one person was detained outside the Apollo Cinema, where demonstrators are also protesting the screening of the first Georgian film about gay love.

The demonstrator verbally insulted the moviegoers for attending such a ‘sinful’ movie.

The detainee, charged with minor hooliganism, has been taken to the local police station.

Law enforcers are mobilized on the spot to ensure public order and safety.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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09 November 2019 22:25