Law Enforcers Mobilized at the Entrance of Amirani Cinema

Law enforcers have again mobilized at the central entrance of the Amirani cinema in Tbilisi, where the first Georgian film depicting love between two homosexuals, titled 'And Then We Danced' will be once again screened.

Members of the ultra-conservative movement Georgian March and supporters of businessman Levan Vasadze are still planning to disrupt the premiere of the movie and are gathering in Vera Park located nearby. Consequently, police are still mobilized to ensure security and public order.

Yesterday, the premiere of the movie caused clashes outside Tbilisi and Batumi cinemas, which resulted in the detention of 28 people in total.

"A total of 28 people were detained at the rallies in front of the Tbilisi and Batumi cinemas. One person is arrested for a criminal offense and 27 for administrative offenses," - reads the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

As the demonstrators explain, their aggression is related to the fact that "the sinful film undermines Georgian traditions and values."

By Ana Dumbadze 

Photo Courtesy: Ana Dumbadze 

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09 November 2019 18:55